Blue Screen & or Freezing Issues


If you find that the freezing issue happens during a particular program or game, simply Google it. For example; Battlefield  Crashing/freezing/bluescreen
You will find millions of results for these particular searches. Among these results you should also find ways that could resolve these issues, like patch updates etc.


USB ITEMS It is not unusual for a USB item to freeze your computer.. Even though they may work on your old system/laptop, these can and often create many different issues on your computer. Plugging in a keyboard & mouse into a Blue USB port (USB 3.0) can cause issues.


Flash drives, External Hard Drives, USB Phone chargers, Headphones, Speakers and so on, all can cause instability issues on your computer. If experiencing problems, unplug all these items to see if this resolves the issue.

We do not recommend the use of Sleep Mode as it is highly unreliable. It is not unusual for a system to come out of sleep mode and NOT correctly load up all the drivers and thus creating freezing issues etc.

There are only a few reasons a computer will freeze during operation. One reason is a USB Item (see above), a software issue or a possible hardware issue.

A faulty stick of RAM can cause freezing while in Windows.

Test your RAM in Windows click here or try MemTest (more reliable) click here



The other reason and the cause for 99% of freezing (and/or Bluescreens) while in Windows is Software Issues. The first thing to do is to reinstall Windows, deleting all partitions and installing a fresh copy of Windows onto the hard drive. This will eliminate software conflicts, trojans etc.

Another cause of freezing is changing the settings in the BIOS (CMOS) Changing the CPU frequency & multipliers beyond the CPU and motherboard specifications can in fact create these problems. Systems that are found with this, will be deemd out of warranty immediately.

Please be aware that, We & NWS DO NOT warrant software and cannot guarantee that the computer will run each and every piece of software flawlessly.

Blue Screen & or Freezing Issues